NinjaTrader 8 TfsEmaScalping Strategy Screenshot 1

NinjaTrader 8 EMA Forex Scalping Strategy

The strategy is written for NinjaTrader 8 trading platform. It was requested by a client and was implemented within a 1 week timeframe, including testing and documentation.

Strategy Behavior

The strategy is based on 3 exponential moving averages. It initiates a trade when price retraces to one of the moving average (configurable) and then continues with the trend. A stop limit order is placed N ticks from the high or low of the previous N candles, depending on the direction of the trend; the trade will be canceled if before the trade is initiated, if another predefined condition is detected. The exit is based on configurable stop-loss and profit-targets.

All parameters and the conditions which shall be used for triggering an entry can be configured; Long and short trading can be enabled individually; the number of profit-targets can be configured.

The blue-dotted line in the chart shows an active buy or sell order and its stop-price. As soon the buy or sell gets executed, a stop-loss and profit-target order is placed; shown in the chart with a red-dotted and green-dotted line.


Please contact us if you are interested in the same or a similar strategy for NinjaTrader 7/8 or any other platform.