Tradingview Screenshot "I Love Mondays"

Tradingview “I Love Mondays” Strategy


The strategy “I Love Mondays” is written in Pine @version=3 to run in the Tradingview environment.

The project was realized within a 2 week timeframe, including an initial draft and 2 additional rounds for tweaking the behavior.

Strategy Behavior

The strategy monitors the high and low price on Mondays, and is using these prices as resistance and support for entering positions from Tuesday to Thursday within the same week. Optionally on Friday’s the position can be closed.

Via input parameters the profit-targets and stop-loss can be configured; additionally only long/short trades can be enabled and the backtest time frame can be selected.

The strategy works for all sort of securities, including Cryptocurrencies (requested by the customer), Forex, Futures and stocks. The recommended timeframe is 15min to 1h.


Please contact us if you are interested in the same or a similar strategy for Tradingview or any other platform.